Volume 5, Issue 1

Int J Intern Emerg Med. 2023;5(1):1050. | Review Article | Open Access
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Defining New Standards for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis by Employing Sputum-Free Diagnostic Techniques

Varghese R, Deshpande A, Digholkar G, Manjunath K, Murthy S and Kumar D

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Int J Intern Emerg Med. 2022;5(1):1048. | Review Article | Open Access
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Bending the Curve on Healthcare Providers’ Burnout

Mazur L, Charguia N

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Int J Intern Emerg Med. 2022;5(1):1049. | Editorial | Open Access
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Palliative Care in the Emergency Department: Inequality Leading to Additional Challenges and Opportunities

Rodrigues Cimini CC

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