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Production and Physico-Chemical Properties of Canned Breadfruit Porridge

Nwakalor Chizoba N*

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, Nigeria

*Correspondance to: Nwakalor Chizoba N 

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African breadfruit (Treculia Africana) seeds were used in producing canned breadfruit porridge. Three samples of canned breadfruit porridge were produced from the breadfruit seeds. The samples were sample AAA (breadfruit porridge without utazi and bitter leaf), sample ABB (breadfruit porridge with bitter leaf) and sample ABC (breadfruit porridge with utazi leaf). The sensory evaluation of the breadfruit porridge was investigated before the canning using 10 (ten) untrained panelists on a nine point Hedonic scale. The sensory attributes such as colour, taste, aroma, mouth feel and general acceptability were also investigated. The proximate composition of the breadfruit porridge was studied before and after canning and was stored for one month under ambient condition. The result of the proximate composition showed significant difference (p<0.05) in protein (7.69% to 9.93%) and (6.96% to 8.92%) for breadfruit porridge before canning and after canning respectively, Fat content (8.60% to 18.50%) and (5.50% to 7.40%), moisture content (59.50% to 61.00%) and (68.50% to 72.75%), fiber content (1.50% to 4.00%) and (1.00% to 3.00%), carbohydrate (7.8% to 19.96%) and (9.88% to 13.04%) while ash showed no significant difference (1.50% to 2.00%) and (1.50% to 2.00%) for sample AAA, ABB, and ABC before canning and after canning respectively. From the sensory scores, sample ABB was most preferred in aroma and general acceptability while sample AAA was most accepted according to taste and there were no significant different in mouth feel and color of the three samples. The storage stability was monitored at 30°C (room temperature) for one month.


Breadfruit; Proximate composition; Sensory evaluation


Nwakalor Chizoba N. Production and Physico-Chemical Properties of Canned Breadfruit Porridge. Arch Food Sci Technol. 2019; 1(1): 1001..

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