Aims and Scope


Annals of Cell and Developmental Biology journal focuses to publish articles on development, mechanisms of development, differentiation and morphogenesis in plants, animals and humans from its genetic level. The journal aims to provide an international open platform for the researchers working on cell biology and developmental biology.

Cell biology is the study of cell structure and function, and it oscillates around the fact that the cell is the fundamental unit of life. Studying the cell allows to understand the structure and function of tissues and organisms in detail. There are several main subfields within cell biology, they are: The study of cell energy and the biochemical mechanisms that support cell metabolism, Subfield of cell biology that deals with the genetics of the cell and its relation with the proteins, another subfield focuses on the structure of cell components, known as subcellular compartments. The journal covers all the fields related to the cell biology. The Scope of the journal also includes the regeneration, cell-cell interactions, growth factors, aging and signal transduction.


  • Cell Biology

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