Int J Intern Emerg Med | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Case Study | Open Access

Unusual Presentation of Chest Pain

Myola Ignotas A and Pranas Serpytis*

Department of Emergency Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania

*Correspondance to: Pranas Serpytis 

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Rupture of pulmonary abscess and subsequent pleural empyema with pneumothorax is unusual acute chest pain cause. Brief history, physical examination, simple chest X-ray makes rupture of pulmonary abscess to pleural cavity quickly recognizable. Patient vital signs can deteriorate rapidly, thus depending on findings chest tube placement is crucial and can be lifesaving. In this report we present clinical case of 56 male who presents to rural Emergency Department (ED) complaining worsening dyspnea and sharp severe pain in right chest side, one month ago he was treated in the hospital for Community Acquired Pneumonia.


Myola Ignotas A, Serpytis P. Unusual Presentation of Chest Pain. Int J Intern Emerg Med. 2019;2(2):1021.

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