World J Psychiatry Ment Health Res | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Counseling Case Report: Smoking Cigarette

Zewdu Girma*

Department of Psychology, Madda Walabu University, Ethiopia

*Correspondance to: Zewdu Girma 

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This paper is a counseling case report of 15 sessions on a client who has been diagnosed with smoking cigarette from KelemeWork Preparatory School. CO6 was an 18 -year-old grade 12th social stream student in KelemeWork Preparatory School. CO6 was the second of the four children in his family. Assessment tools included a detailed interview and behavioral records. CO6 has been smoking cigarette since grade eight. At the time of counseling CO6 smoked five per day. CO6 drunk 4 to 6 glasses of beer occasionally, has done this for several years. Other than these drugs no other drug use reported. Many factors identified during the assessment were considered critical in accounting for the cause and persistence of CO6’s cigarette smoking. Cognitive behavioral counseling was the theoretical framework that informed the case formulation. The counselor used self-reports of the client as outcome measures. SQ3R study method, the five Ds and cognitive behavioral therapy technique were applied to solve the client’s major problems of academic, smoking and alcohol drinking problems, respectively. Progress was evident by improved class attendance; more sustained focus on her academic studies, and continued improvement in sleep. The client has minimized his cigarette smoking and stopped his alcohol drinking.


Mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR); Nicotine; Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking; Cognitive-behavioral


Girma Z. Counseling Case Report: Smoking Cigarette. World J Psychiatry Ment Health Res. 2020; 4(1): 1025..

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