World J Phys Rehabil Med | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Hamstring/Quadriceps Strength Ratios in Professional Football Players

Carlos Andrés Wheeler-Botero1, Brayan Esneider Patiño-Palma2* and Carlos Alberto RamosParrací3

1Leisure, Physical Culture and Health Research Group, Colombia
2Ministry of Sports, Sports Science Center, Colombia
3Physical Culture and Health Research Group, University of Tolima, Colombia

*Correspondance to: Brayan Esneider PatiƱo-Palma 

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It is widely known in the medical field of football, that knee injury is one of the most important problems professional schools of soccer. One of the most widely used neuromuscular assessments to determine knee joint injury risk has been the Hamstring/Quadriceps (H/Q) force ratio. Although Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC) has often been used to evaluate the H/Q ratio, the ability to  rapidly  develop  force  (Rate  of  Force  Development-RFD)  is  more  relevant  in  relation  to  fast dynamic movements. The objective of this study was to evaluate the RFD in the hamstrings and quadriceps to determine the (H/Q) ratio and compare it with the H/Q ratio of the MVC, a test traditionally used in soccer. Thirty professional soccer players participated in the study (15 women: Age 20.9 ± 1.9 years; body weight 69 ± 1.9 kg; height 169 ± 27 cm), (15 men Age 25.8 ± 2 years; body weight 73 ± 3.1 kg; size 172 ± 3.9 cm), belonging to the Fortaleza CEIF professional team from the city of Bogotá Colombia. The maximum isometric force was evaluated in knee flexion at 70° and in the same way it was performed in knee extension at 70° for 5s, to determine the MVC and RFD of the hamstrings and quadriceps at the evaluated angle. The reliability of the test for RFD I/C was high (intraclass correlation coefficient = (0.664-0.933). The initial contraction phases up to 50 ms from the start of contraction showed a low RFD I/C ratio compared to the MVC ratio. I/C (p=0.001). These results demonstrate a potential risk for stabilization of the knee joint during the initial phase of muscle contraction.



Wheeler-Botero CA, Patiño-Palma  BE, Ramos-Parrací CA. Hamstring/Quadriceps Strength Ratios in Professional Football Players. World J Phys Rehabil Med. 2021; 5(1): 1018..

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