World J Phys Rehabil Med | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Perspectives and Risk Factors in the Return-to-Sports Decision after Knee Surgery in a Male Elite Handball Player: A Case Report

Castellano Juan

La Coruna University, Spain

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We present the case of 28 years old male elite Handball Player with a first ACLR (Anterior Cross 
Ligament Reconstruction) under surgery on the 21
of January 2019 in Hungary and a posterior 
surgery  on  January  22
,  2020  in  Barcelona-Spain  with  Re-tensing  and  reconstruction  of  the 
popliteus tendon and lateral collateral ligament. The reason of the second surgery was the ligament 
instability of the lateral and collateral posterior of the right knee and a residual laxity of the anteriorposterior cross Ligaments.
After 6 months of the first post-operative rehabilitation in Amsterdam the handball Player visited 
our clinic in Bucharest in August 27
, 2019 by petition of the Dinamo Handball team manager to 
be re-evaluated and complete his rehabilitation until he will be able to reach the level to return to 
competition and play the national and European league with the Dinamo Handball team Bucharest.
The main objective of our Case report is to show the importance to provide further screening and 
prevention programs to find possible inter-individual presence of risk factors” in the context of the 
return-to-sports decision after injury.




Juan C. Perspectives and Risk Factors in the Return-to-Sports Decision after Knee Surgery in a Male Elite Handball Player: A Case Report. World J Phys Rehabil Med. 2020;4(1):1015..

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