World J Oral Maxillofac Surg | Volume 3, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Autologous Blood Injection for Treatment of Chronic TMJ Dislocation, Sohag University Experience

Islam A Amer

Department of General Surgery, Maxillofacial, Head and Neck Surgery, Sohag University, Egypt

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Background: The aim of this series is to assess the efficacy and safety of autologous blood injection in Treatment of patients suffering from recurrent temporomandibular joint dislocation by using autologous blood injection. In this study, we discuss clinical trials and recent techniques about this modality of treatment and discuss the mechanism, advantages, and disadvantages of this approach. Patients and Methods: This study included 140 patients who underwent autologous blood injection in patients suffering from chronic recurrent temporomandibular joint dislocation. Who were admitted and examined in maxillofacial outpatient clinic and ER in Sohag University Hospital during the period from January 2017 to January 2020. Analysis of the clinical presentation, establishment of diagnosis, close monitoring of patients was done. Results: One hundred and forty patients included in these study 87 patients of them were males while 53 were females, age of our patients ranged from 16 to 82 years, autologous blood injection was successful in 123 patients while 10 patients required re injection. Seven patients need surgery due to failure of re injection. Conclusion: Successful results about this modality are noticed, some concerns are still noticed about it in terms of the effect of the blood injection on the articular cartilage and fibrous or bony ankylosis formation.


Blood injection; TMJ; PT


Amer IA. Autologous Blood Injection for Treatment of Chronic TMJ Dislocation, Sohag University Experience. World J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2020; 3(1): 1038..

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