Sports Med Rehabil J | Volume 3, Issue 3 | Research Article | Open Access

Assessment of High School Football Coaches in Tennessee

Smith J1*, Hamido E2, Cochrum R3, Dickson P4 and Jackson K1

1Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences, Tennessee State University, USA
2Department of Sport Science and Adaptive Sports, Tennessee State University, USA
3Department of Health Science, Tennessee State University, USA
4Department of Health Education and Health Promotion, Tennessee State University, USA

*Correspondance to: Jason Smith 

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Jason Smith is a current football, basketball and baseball coach in the middle Tennessee area and part of the Tennessee State Sports Athletic Association (TSSAA). He is also a tenured professor in at Tennessee State University and Cumberland University in Nashville, TN teaching in the Human Performance of Sports Science with a concentration on Physical Education and Sports Coaching. Building everlasting relationships with his student-athletes has given him the strength as well as empathy in many situations to create a successful path for others. His passion is teaching and coaching all ages and creating opportunities for success for future teachers, coaches, and mentors. His ability to provide leadership in developing coaches has been proven as many of the younger coaches in Tennessee has learned from his expertise in the field of coaching.
Sports coaching have been considered a traditional and doctrinal field that is often oriented with basic instructions of body movement, kinesiology, and motivational factors for success. There have been theories about the “best” offensive and defensive philosophies across the country also varying for age and geographical settings. The physical training of the body and mind is both and art and science that coaches search for to become successful. While the systems, methods, and philosophies have been improved and adapted to the game itself many coaching are searching for success for their program. Through my own experience as a coach, there really is not a “perfect system”, but there are some fundamental strategies, rules, and guidelines that will help any coach become successful. My intention is to provide a framework or coaching model to develop coaches at any stage of their career. Coaching is inquiry-based and extremely personal. The goal or aim of all coaches is to develop the athlete to their maximum potential creating growth and understanding, thus producing individual success, team success, and organizational success.  


Sports coaching; Football coaching philosophies; Coaching tools; Athletes; Development; Mission; Vision; Effective coaching traits


Smith J, Hamido E, Cochrum R, Dickson P, Jackson K. Assessment of High School Football Coaches in Tennessee. Sports Med Rehabil J. 2018; 3(3): 1040

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