Radiotherapy Oncol Int | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Radio-Induced Sarcoma in a Long-Term Neuroblastoma Survivor

Diakite Khadijatou1, Eddaoualline Hanane1*, Sami Hind1, Bouzid Nawal1, Dévriendt Daniel2, Van Gestel Dirk2, Lalya Issam1, EL Omrani Abdelhamid1 and Khouchani Mouna1

1Department of Radiation-oncology, Mohammed VI University Hospital, Morocco
2Department of Radiation-oncology, Institute Jules Bordet, Belgium

*Correspondance to: Eddaoualline Hanane 

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We report a particular case of a long-term survivor with a 37 years interval to radio-induced sarcoma; a 4 years old girl treated in Brussels in 1975 for vertebral neuroblastoma (L1 to L4) with R2 resection and adjuvant 2D radiation therapy delivering 40Gy with complete remission, presenting after 37 years with right flank pain revealing an in radiation-field locally infiltrating mass (Paravertebral D12 to L3), biopsy revealed a NOS sarcoma, managed with Palliative chemotherapy and decompressive 3D radiation therapy, till last follow up the patient is asymptomatic and still under chemotherapy.


Radiation induced malignancy; Second malignancy; Therapy related malignancy; Radiotherapy; Neuroblastoma


Khadijatou D, Hanane E, Hind S, Nawal B, Daniel D, Dirk VG, et al. RadioInduced Sarcoma in a Long-Term Neuroblastoma Survivor. Radiother Oncol Int. 2018; 1(1): 1001.

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