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Health Education Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Myopia: A Bibliometric Analysis of Trends a Cross Regions

We X-X

Department of Public Health, Krirk University, Anusaowaree Bangkhen, Bangkok, Thailand

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Background: In recent years, the prevalence of myopia or eye illnesses in adolescents has remained high, with younger onset ages and increasing degrees of myopia. Adolescents' understanding of the reasons of myopia (such as eye habits, eating habits, and outdoor sports) is limited to self-awareness, and studies reveal that most youngsters are unaware of myopia defenses. Health education may show to be an effective means of preventing myopia, and it can be taught to adolescents to help them become more aware of myopia prevention and control. Methods: From 1970 to June 2022, this bibliometric study looked at the publishing trends of publications on the impact of health education on myopia prevention and treatment in the literature. These data are taken from the SCOPUS. Annual publications, most relevant authors, sources, countries, subjects, and keywords are all displayed on distinct visualization maps. These data were put via a network analysis. The goal of this study is to look into current trends in myopia prevention and control measures. Furthermore, the data was qualitatively examined using 10 cited articles, exhibiting our instructional themes and methodologies in the field of myopia prevention and control study. Results: The findings suggest that the citation rate in this discipline increases as the literature grows. International Eye Science, which witnessed a substantially better citation rate after 2012 and published the most myopia-related publications, published the majority of the most relevant papers. British Journal of Ophthalmology is more likely to publish articles with keywords like myopia, myopia prevention, juvenile myopia, and myopia testing. China, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom are the countries that publish the most articles on a global scale. Using myopia prevention, prevention, detection, and education as goals, and myopia surgery and lens section surgery as means, at least 11 citations have been published, according to qualitative analysis. Conclusion: A bibliometric analysis of health education on myopia prevention and treatment sheds light on future research possibilities while also highlighting potential opportunities and problems. He could be able to help future researchers choose appropriate subfields of research for myopia prevention and therapy.


Health education; Bibliometrics; Myopia prevention


We X-X. Health Education Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Myopia: A Bibliometric Analysis of Trends a Cross Regions. Open J Public Health. 2024; 6(1): 1048..

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