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Increased Thyroid Hormones and Autoantibodies Levels Associated with Quasi-Moyamoya Disease

Chen J

Department of Neurosurgery, Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

*Correspondance to: Chen J 

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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate whether elevated thyroid autoantibodies associated with Quasi-Moyamoya Disease (MMD). Methods: We retrospectively investigated angiographically defined patients with quasi-MMD patients. We compared clinical features, serum thyroid autoantibody values and T cell levels between quasi-MMD patients and control subjects.
Results: A total of 103 patients with MMD and an equal number of healthy control subjects (n=103) were included. The prevalence of elevated thyroid autoantibodies (P=0.008) was significantly higher in patients with MMD than in control subjects. The increased thyroid hormone (OR: 11.03; 95% CI, 1.22-96.13; P=0.034) and increased thyroid autoantibodies (OR, 6.38; 95% CI, 1.12 to 46.52; P=0.040) were significantly associated with increased risks of quasi-MMD, respectively. The antithyroid therapy can significantly attenuate disease progression than without special treatment in quasi-MMD patients with thyroid disease (P=0.041).
Conclusion: Increased thyroid hormone and thyroid autoantibodies levels in serum were significantly in association with quasi-MMD. Antithyroid therapy may significantly attenuate or slow disease progression in quasi-MMD with thyroid disease patients. The results suggested that both abnormal thyroid hormones and elevated thyroid autoantibodies played important roles in MMD development, which might help to better manage and further study underlying pathogenesis mechanisms of quasi-MMD.


quasi-Moyamoya Disease; Thyroid Autoantibodies; T cell; Thyroid hormones


Chen J. Increased Thyroid Hormones and Autoantibodies Levels Associated with Quasi-Moyamoya Disease. Open J Neurol Neurosci. 2023; 1(1): 1005.

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