Nurs Stud Pract Int | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Short Communication | Open Access

Urinary Catheterization Procedure-an Observational Study

Fatjona Kamberi* and Elda Tafaj

Department of Public Health, University of Vlore, Albania

*Correspondance to: Fatjona Kamberi 

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Background: Urinary tract infections are the most common hospital infection, accounting for up to 40% of infections reported by health care institutions.
Objective: Evaluation of the implementation of basic rules on the technique of insertion of urinary catheter by nurses during the performance of this nursing procedure.
Methods: The observational study included 32 nurses and 32 patients who were catheterized during the study period, in May 2017, at the Vlore Regional Hospital. Nurses and patients were randomly selected. For the assessment of the application of the steps of the urinary catheterization procedure, a questionnaire was used in the form steps, where all steps of the correct procedure of urinary catheterization were presented. 87.50% of nurses were women and 12.50% were males. Mean age of nurses 35.875 years, age range [29-55]. Bachelor level education was prevalent, 50%. In catheterized patients female gender dominated with 68.75%, age range [37-88] years old. The results for the implementation of the steps in the procedure of urinary catheter insertion revealed that some of the most important steps of this procedure were not implemented by any nurse or implemented by some of them. Hygiene of the perineal area was not applied by any nurses. Hand hygiene was applied only by 43.75% of nurses and 56.25% of nurses did not wear sterile gloves during the procedure.
Conclusion: Proper application of all urinary catheterization procedure steps is very important for the prevention of urinary tract infections associated with catheterization. Continuing education and increasing the professional awareness of clinical practice nurses related to this nursing procedure are essential for the quality and safety of care provided to the patient.


Catheterization; Urinary tract infection; Catheterized patients; Procedure; Nursing care


Kamberi F, Tafaj E. Urinary Catheterization Procedure-an Observational Study. Nurs Stud Pract Int. 2018;1(1):1003.

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