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Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Yingfang She, Yide Li, Shuda Chen, Xiaowei Xu and Liemin Zhou*

Department of Neurology, The Seventh Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, China

*Correspondance to: Liemin Zhou 

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Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) is one of the most important methods for treating hematopoietic diseases. Herein, we report a pediatric case developing epileptic encephalopathy after HSCT. We reviewed the literature and summarized the possible mechanism. In the future work of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, we need to avoid possible risk factors as much as possible.


Lennox-gastaut syndrome; Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; Epilepsy


She Y, Li Y, Chen S, Xu X, Zhou L. Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Case Report and
Review of the Literature. Neurol Case Rep. 2019;2(2):1014..

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