J Surg Tech Proced | Volume 4, Issue 3 | Research Article | Open Access

Surgery First Approach in Orthognathic Surgery - An Evidenced Based Approach

Aditya Pawar*

Department of Orthognathic Surgery, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, India

*Correspondance to: Aditya Pawar 

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The surgery first approach provides an alternative treatment protocol in orthognathic surgery cases. The conventional ortho-surgical approach includes preoperative orthodontics which requires 7 to 20 months and will result into temporary worsening of facial profile. Surgery first approach shortens the treatment period and reduces facial profile worsening by addressing skeletal discrepancy first. The Induction of RAP phenomenon also increases post-operative orthodontic tooth movement and helps in reduction of treatment time. The indications of SFP have been proposed in literature but no consensus exists. Depending upon the existing literature this article aims to provide specific guideline for surgery first approach, its limitations, pre and post orthodontic protocols and stability.


Orthognathic surgery; SAF (Surgery First Approach); Temporary anchorage device


Pawar A. Surgery First Approach in Orthognathic Surgery - An Evidenced Based Approach. J Surg Tech Proced. 2020;4(3):1042..

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