J Gynecol Oncol | Volume 5, Issue 2 | Review Article | Open Access

Targeting SENP1 as a Novel Cancer Therapeutic Strategy

Lin M, Meng-Ling Y and Li Z*

Department of Experimental Research, Guangxi Medical University Cancer Hospital, China

*Correspondance to: Zhao Li 

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SENP1 (SUMO1-Specific Protease 1), a Sentrin/SUMO-specific protease, plays an important role in SUMO family members maturation and target proteins deSUMOylation. Aberrant expression and regulation of SENP1 has been found in various cancers. Furthermore, dysregulation of SENP1 is significantly associated with cancer biological behaviors. This review focuses on the role of SENP1 in cancer proliferation, apoptosis, invasion, migration, metabolism and immune, providing theoretical basis for cancer diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.


SUMO specific protease 1; deSUMOylation; Cancer progression


Lin M, Meng-Ling Y, Li Z. Targeting SENP1 as a Novel Cancer Therapeutic Strategy. J Gynecol Oncol. 2022; 5(2): 1077.

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