J Gastroenterol Hepatol Endosc | Volume 5, Issue 3 | Case Report | Open Access

MALT Lymphoma (MALToma) Causing Massive Hematemesis: A Rare Presentation

Sandheep Janardhanan1*, Sebastian2, Mary George3 and Sunil Mathai4

Department of Gastroenterology and Pathology, Medical Trust Hospital, India

*Correspondance to: Sandheep Janardhanan 

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Malt lymphoma (MALToma) is an uncommon primary gastrointestinal lymphoma, which rarely present with massive GI bleed. Here we report such a case which was diagnosed after persistent efforts  and  was  treated  with Helicobacter  pylori eradication  causing  dramatic  resolution  of  the neoplasm.


MALToma, Hemetemsis, Helicobacter pylori


Janardhanan S, Sebastian, George M, Mathai S. MALT Lymphoma (MALToma) Causing Massive Hematemesis: A Rare 
Presentation. J Gastroenterol Hepatol Endosc. 2020;5(3):1086..

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