J Clin Nephrol Kidney Dis | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Automated Dialyzer'S Reuse: A Safe and Cost-Effective Strategy

Renoirte-López Karina1,2,3*, Abundis-Mora Gabriela1,2,3, Jiménez-Cornejo Mónica1,3, López-Ceja Marisol1,3 and Murillo-Brambila Daniel1,2,3

1Nephrology Service, Hospital Civil Guadalajara, Mexico
2University of Guadalajara, Centro Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud, Mexico
3PiSA Pharmaceutical, SANEFRO, Mexico

*Correspondance to: Karina Renoirte L√≥pez 

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Introduction: Dialyzer’s reuse is common due to economical restrains related to ESRD. In Mexico up to twelve reuses per dialyzer are permitted. Previous studies have reported no difference in mortality among patients with dialyzer reuse vs. single use. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical impact of dialyzer´s reuse in HD patients in Mexico. Methods: Retrospective, cross-sectional study in HD patients. Only patients who had a Kt/V ≥ 1.2 were included. High flux dialyzers were used. Reuse was automated with Renatron II 100 Series™ and Renalin™ was the cleaning agent. Data was collected through 16 HD clinics data base. Analysis was performed by the statistical package SPSS 22. Findings: 2,561 patients were evaluated. Only 597 patients (23.3%) with Kt/V ≥ 1.2 were included. 80.7% were in dialyzer reuse program. Average reuse was 5.5 times per dialyzer (range 1 to 12). Hemoglobin, urea pre and post values were statistically better for patients with dialyzer reuse. Laboratory values (serum electrolyte, creatinine, uric acid, albumin, and PTH and iron kinetics) did not differ among reuse vs. single use. Time to death and mortality did not differ among both groups. No significant differences were identified in dialysis treatment prescription (dialysate flow, ultrafiltration, blood flow, sodium conductivity). Conclusion: Less than 1 every 4 patients achieve a Kt/V >1.2, regardless the fact of reusing dialyzer or not. Reuse is a common practice in our settings and is carried out in eight of every ten patients. Automated dialyzer’s reuse is a controversial practice, but according to these findings, it is safe. Further studies are needed to assess the long-term clinical impact of this practice.


Hemodialysis; Dialyzer; Reuse automated; Mortality


Karina R-L, Gabriela A-M, Mónica J-C, Marisol L-C, Daniel M-B. Automated Dialyzer'S Reuse: A Safe and Cost- Effective Strategy. J Clin Nephrol Kidney Dis. 2021;6(1):1030..

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