Int J Family Med Prim Care | Volume 1, Issue 4 | Review Article | Open Access

Probiotics and Medicinal Plants in Poultry Nutrition: A Review

Omolere ABM, Alagbe JO

1University of Abuja, Nigeria
2Sumitra Research Institute, Gujarat, India

*Correspondance to: Omolere ABM 

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The use of medicinal plants and probiotics has recently gained interest since the ban on the use of antibiotics as growth promoters by the European Union in 2006. They are new alternatives to bridge the gap between food safety and production. Medicinal plants are cheaper and loaded with several minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals such as: alkaloids, saponin, flavonoids, phenols, tannins etc. which allows them to perform multiple biological activities. Probiotics on the other hand, repopulates the Gastro Intestinal Tracts (GIT) with beneficial bacteria which controls the action of pathogens and controls their population, thereby reducing mortality and improving general performance of an animal.


Probiotics; Medicinal plants; Pathogens; Phytochemicals


Omolere ABM, Alagbe JO. Probiotics and Medicinal Plants in Poultry Nutrition: A Review. Int J Fam Med Prim Care. 2020; 1(4): 1020.

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