Clin Respir Med | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Research Article | Open Access

Thromboembolic Disease during Tuberculosis

Achrane JK* and Je Bourkadi M

Department of Pneumology and Phthisiology, Mohamed V University, Morocco

*Correspondance to: Jihane Achrane K 

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Tuberculosis remains a significant public health issue, an infectious disease that can cause hypercoagulability responsible for thromboembolic complications. We report a retrospective descriptive study involving 39 patients with active TB combination and confirmed venous thromboembolic disease with pulmonary embolism or deep venous thrombosis. It is about 24 men and 15 women. The mean age for both sexes was 42. Ten patients had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis. Thromboembolic disease was discovered during tuberculosis in 30 cases while it was indicative of tuberculosis in 9 patients. There are 31 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and 8 cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis including 4 cases of pleural tuberculosis, 2 cases of peritoneal tuberculosis, 1 case of lymph node tuberculosis and 1 case of tuberculosis meningitis. Pulmonary tuberculosis was confirmed by direct examination of sputum in 22 cases and GeneXpert in 9 cases. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis cases were confirmed by direct examination in 6 cases, GeneXpert in 2 cases and histology in 2 others. All patients received antibacillary treatment. Venous thromboembolism occurs on average 17 days after the onset of tuberculosis. It is revealed by clinical signs and elevated plasma D-dimers. Venous thromboembolism is confirmed by echo-Doppler or thoracic angioscanner. There are 20 cases of pulmonary embolism, 16 cases of deep venous thrombosis and 3 cases of phlebitis and pulmonary embolism. Cases of deep vein thrombosis include 13 locations in the lower limbs and 4 in the upper limb. During hospitalization, all patients were in the attack phase of anti-bacillary treatment and one patient was in the maintenance phase. The treatment was exclusively medical, based on: antivitamin K combined with low molecular weight heparin in 33 cases and in 6 cases new oral anticoagulants are prescribed.


Tuberculosis; Thromboembolic disease; Pulmonary embolism; Deep vein thrombosis


Achrane JK, Je Bourkadi M. Thromboembolic Disease during Tuberculosis. Clin Respirat Med. 2020; 2(2): 1014.

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