Ann Surg Case Rep | Volume 6, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Staged Management of a Traumatic Lumbar Spine Fracture with PLIF and Delayed Colpectomy: A Case Report

Musa G1, Ndandja DTK1*, Midov MZ2, Hovrin DV2, Chmutin GE1 and Slabov MV2

1Department of Neurosurgery and Neurological Sciences, Peoples Friendship University of Russia RUDN
University, Russia
2Department of Neurosurgery, City Clinical Hospital named after C.C Yudina, Russia

*Correspondance to: Dimitri TK Ndandja 

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Vertebral fractures are very common pathologies following high-velocity trauma or falls from heights and are frequently associated with spinal cord injury. We present a case of staged management of a spinal fracture with myelopathy and pelvic organ dysfunction. A 33-year-old female fell from the 5th floor of a building 7 months prior and sustained a fractured L1 vertebra with paraplegia and pelvic organ dysfunction. She was initially managed with short segment transpedicular fixation and a decompressive laminectomy and was urinary catheter free 6 months after the surgery. Control Computer Tomography (CT) on the 6th month showed increasing kyphosis. She was admitted for L1 corpectomy and arthrodesis. The operation was performed with the patient in a lateral position with the incision overlying the 12th rib. The rib was preserved and retracted inferiorly. Following the standard transpsoas approach to the vertebral column, the L1 body was resected, and a prosthesis was inserted. Her recovery was uneventful with no postoperative complications. The postoperative CT scan was acceptable. By day 10, was ambulating comfortably and was discharged. Lateral transpsoas corpectomy expandable cage tandem with posterior spinal decompression and instrumented stabilization can be an effective and safe method of treatment of spinal fractures and correction of kyphosis. This may be performed in 2 stages in cases where the patient is not fit for a single-step surgery or the managing surgeon has limited experience in this field.


Corpectomy; Lateral lumbar interbody fusion; Posterior lumbar interbody fusion; Spinal trauma; Vertebral fracture; Transpsoas


Musa G, Ndandja DTK, Midov MZ, Hovrin DV, Chmutin GE, Slabov MV. Staged Management of a Traumatic Lumbar Spine Fracture with PLIF and Delayed Colpectomy: A Case Report. Ann Surg Case Rep. 2023; 6(2): 1074..

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