Ann Surg Case Rep | Volume 6, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Gossypiboma - A Surgeon’s Legacy

Jude ST*

Department of Surgery, St. Jude Research, India

*Correspondance to: Stephen Tom Jude 

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Gossypiboma or textiloma is a term used to describe a retained surgical swab in the body after a surgery. Inadvertent retention of a foreign body in the abdomen is frequently misdiagnosed and often requires unnecessary radical surgical procedures. This increases morbidity and mortality of the patient, cost of treatment, and medicolegal problems. We are reporting case of a 46-year-old lady who presented to casualty with chief complaints of abdominal pain and discomfort. She underwent laparoscopic converted to open cholecystectomy 8 months back at another hospital. After clinical examination and investigations patient was admitted with a working diagnosis of subacute intestinal obstruction due to? foreign body in sigmoid colon. During exploratory laparotomy, enterotomy was performed over the sigmoid colon and retained surgical sponge was retrieved.


Complication; Gossypiboma; Retained foreign body; Textiloma


Jude ST. Gossypiboma - A Surgeon’s Legacy. Ann Surg Case Rep. 2023; 6(2): 1071..

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