Ann Short Rep | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Primary Chronic Pyelonephritis: A Case Report

Tianxin Chen*, Ying Zhou, Bo Chen and Chaosheng Chen

Department of Nephrology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, China

*Correspondance to: Tianxin Chen 

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A 69-year-old woman with renal insufficiency and hypertension was misdiagnosed for 25 years. She was hospitalized for worsening renal function, fever and anemia. Kidney MRI showed enlargement of renal pelvis and distortion of calyces and scarring of the overlying of two kidneys. Primary chronic pyelonephritis was diagnosed and renal function recovered partially after antibiotics treatment.


Chen T, Zhou Y, Chen B, Chen C. Primary Chronic Pyelonephritis: A Case Report. Ann Short Reports. 2019;2:1039.

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