Ann Nurs Primary Care | Volume 3, Issue 2 | Research Article | Open Access

Assessment of Family Functionality from the Perspective of a Nurse and the Students of Medical Science

Beata Frcova*, Anna Melichova and Martin Hrubala

Slovak Medical University, Faculty of Health Seated in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

*Correspondance to: Beata Frcova 

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The main topic of this article is the assessment of family functioning from the perspective of nurses and students of medical science. The evaluation of family functioning is most often carried out in communication with parents as well as with young adults during the visiting service in families and in the counseling activities of the community nurse, but it can also be used in other areas of social activity. The authors used APGAR family scores to assess family function. The study was attended by 151 respondents - students of the study programs physiotherapy and emergency health care. Of the total number, 117 families were evaluated as fully functional, 22 with mildly impaired function and 12 dysfunctional families. Using Fischer's exact test, the authors verified whether there was a significantly different assessment of the functionality of the respondents' families in relation to gender, age and study program and their mutual combinations. A statistically significant difference was recorded only in men aged 19 to 20 years, for whom the results of the evaluation of family function were significantly better (p=0.0116) compared to other determining factors. In conclusion, the authors state that the results of the evaluation of the APGAR score functionality depend on the age of the respondent and show a highly subjective approach to evaluation. They recommend a combination of several methods to objectify the evaluation of family functionality.


Keywords: Cognitive impairment; Primary pediatric care; Primary health care


Frcova B, Melichova A, Hrubala M. Assessment of Family Functionality from the Perspective of a Nurse and the Students of Medical Science. Ann Nurs Primary Care. 2022; 3(2): 1023..

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