Ann Nurs Primary Care | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

The Development of the Life-worldly Communication Scale for Older Adults in Home Care

Ritsuko Wakabayashi1*, Yasuko Fukaya1, Kanako Yamakuma1, Shinobu Sato2 and Takanori Kitamura3

1Kanto Gakuin University, College of Nursing, Japan
2Dokkyo Medical University, School of Nursing, Japan
3Tokai University Department of Law, Japan

*Correspondance to: Ritsuko Wakabayashi 

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In an aging society, health care for older adults has been shifting from facility to home-based care, giving caregivers a larger role in older adult’s everyday life. Therefore, communication plays an important role in creating, maintaining, and developing relationships between older people and caregivers. This study aims to create and verify the Life-worldly Communication Scale (LWCS), to measure the types of communication in older adults in a home care setting. Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient was used to confirm the LWCS internal consistency and analyze stability. Validity of LWCS was assessed by principal component analysis, and by correlation with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), dementia, and depression scales. A total of 24 older adults, with an average age of 82.96 years were included. Seven participants suffered from dementia (HDSR ≤ 20), and 4 were Classified with Depression (CESD Score ≥ 16). The status of ADL was: 15 independent, 7 required assistance, and 2 participants needed complete support. LWCS question items had a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.87. The theoretical construct of LWCS was supported by factor analysis. Criterion-related validity was confirmed by a significant correlation between LWCS and actual communication utterance duration by IC recorder. LWCS was found to be useful in assessing the amount of communication between older adults and their caregivers. Frequent communication from caregivers might positively affect mental activity in older adults.


Wakabayashi R, Fukaya Y, Yamakuma K, Sato S, Kitamura T. The Development of the Life-worldly Communication Scale for Older Adults in Home Care. Ann Nurs Primary Care. 2018; 1(1): 1006.

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