Ann Microbiol Immunol | Volume 3, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Thyroid Function Test Screening in Third Trimester of Pregnancy in Eastern Libyan Women

Eman Younis Z1, Adela Elamami H2,3*, Omaima Aborawi O1 and Nafisaa Aborawi M4

1Department of Biology, University of Benghazi, Benghazi, Libya 2Department of Medicine, University of Benghazi, Benghazi, Libya 3The Endocrine Unit, Hawari General Hospital, Benghazi, Libya 4Department of Gynecology, Benghazi Medical Center (BMC), Libya

*Correspondance to: Adela Elamami H 

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Background: Each trimester have Thyroid Function (TFT) reference range which is still not known in Libya. Our study to determine this range in third trimester of pregnancy in eastern Libya. Method: Cross sectional study recruited pregnant females at third trimester attending at the anti natal clinic in Benghazi medical center and Ghmenis city during the first 6 months of 2019. TFT and anti-TPO were measured for participants. Results: A total of 210 pregnant were recruited, their mean duration of gestation was (37 ± 3.2), mean age 32.1 ± 6, mean number of parity was 2.53 ± 1.1, and mean number of abortion was 0.4 ± 0.75. The mean TSH during third trimester in the study participants were (3.33 ± 1.34 mIU/L) and free T4 (17.1 ± 3.3), total T4 (106.9 ± 38.2) while total T3 mean was (1.8 ± 0.7) respectively. The range during third trimester according to 5% to 95% percentile for TSH, free T4, total T4, total T3 were (0.88 to 5.52 mIU/L), (12 to 22.5), (61.6 to 181.2), (1.02 to 3.2) respectively. The number of abortion was strongly correlated with TSH level at third trimester (Pearson correlation = 0.269, P value = 0.000) and with number of parity (Pearson correlation = 0.172, P value = 0.013). Conclusion: In nearly healthy pregnant females at third trimester in eastern Libyan cities the mean TSH was (3.33 +/- 1.34) and its 5% to 95% range was (0.88 to 5.52) which is higher than the recommended range by many thyroid associations.


Thyroid function; Reference range; Gestation; Third trimester; Libya


Eman Younis Z, Adela Elamami H, Omaima Aborawi O, Nafisaa Aborawi M. Thyroid Function Test Screening in Third Trimester of Pregnancy in Eastern Libyan Women. Ann Microbiol Immunol. 2020; 3(1): 1019..

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