Ann Med Med Res | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Low Health Literacy (LHL): A Devious Enemy of Patient Treatment Adherence

Mohiuddin AK*

Department of Pharmacy, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

*Correspondance to: Abdul Kader Mohiuddin 

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People must have particular personality traits and social resources, also known as health literacy, in
order to access, comprehend, and use information to make decisions about their health. Patients'
ability to engage in complex disease management and self-care is strongly related to their level of
health literacy. It can help us stay healthy by preventing illness and effectively managing existing
illnesses. People with Low Health Literacy (LHL) may find it difficult to manage their condition
and prevent illness, which may lead to increased use of healthcare services. Furthermore, LHL
is associated with increased hospitalizations, increased use of emergency care, decreased use of
preventative services, and a worsened ability to understand labels and health messages, a worsened
state of health, higher mortality, and more expensive medical care.


Parental health literacy; Necessary health education; Medication non-adherence; Healthcare; Avoidable medical costs; COVID-19 vaccine negligence


Mohiuddin AK. Low Health Literacy (LHL): A Devious Enemy of Patient Treatment Adherence. Ann Med Medical Res. 2023; 6: 1056..

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