Ann Med Med Res | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Preliminary Observation of Short-Term Intraocular Filling with Perfluorocarbon Liquid in the Treatment of Giant Retinal Detachment

Guo Yong1, Yan Hong2*, Guo Chenjun3, Zhang Dan1 and Ma Nan3

1Xi'an Purui Ophthalmic Hospital, China
2Xi’an People’s Hospital, Shaanxi Eye Hospital, Affiliated Guangren Hospital, School of Medicine, Xi’an Jiaotong
University, China
3Tangdu Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University, China

*Correspondance to: Yan Hong 

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Objective: To observe the clinical manifestations of patients with Giant Retinal Tear (GRT) after
short-term filling with Perfluorocarbon Liquid (PFCLs), and to explore the role and safety of PFCLs,
to provide a new clinical basis for complex vitreoretinal surgery.
Methods: 23 eyes diagnosed with GRT and filled with PFCLs in our hospital from 2018 to 2021
were collected retrospectively. Visual acuity, cornea, lens, optic nerve, and retinal reattachment and
proliferation were recorded before and after the operation.
Results: At the last follow-up showed that the visual acuity of 78.3% (18/23) was better than that
before the operation, and 82.6% of the retina remained anatomic reduced. The corneal endothelium
count, the incidence of cataracts, the average thickness of optic nerve fibers, the incidence of preretinal
proliferative membrane, and the results of visual electrophysiology all changed with the
extension of PFCLs placement time. There was no significant difference in these changes when
PFCLs were placed within 2 weeks (P>0.05). When PFCLs were placed for more than 2 weeks, the
difference was significant (P<0.05).
Conclusion: This study confirmed that filling PFCLs within 2 weeks can increase the omental
reduction rate and protect visual function in GRT patients. This study provides new clinical
evidence for short-term PFCLs filling after the operation. It provides a new method and idea for
complex retinal surgery.


Giant retinal tear; Perfluorocarbon liquid; Vitreous cavity filler; Retinal vitreous surgery; Drug toxicity


Yong G, Hong Y, Chenjun G, Dan Z, Nan M. Preliminary Observation of Short-Term Intraocular Filling withPerfluorocarbon Liquid in the Treatment of Giant Retinal Detachment. Ann Med Medical Res. 2022; 5: 1047..

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