Ann Med Med Res | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Patient Satisfaction and Retrospective Evaluation of Benefits of Penile Prosthetic Implantation Surgery: The OEDIPUS Study

Robert Andrianne1*, Jean-François Pairoux2, Christine Debois3, Christian Mormont4, Luc Coppens5 and Philippe Kempeneers4

1Department of Urology and Sexual Medicine, University Hospital Center, Belgium
2Department of Sciences and Public Health, Liège University, Belgium
3Department of Sexual Medicine, University Hospital Center, Belgium
4Department of Psychology, Liège University, Belgium
5Department of Urology, University Hospital Center, Belgium

*Correspondance to: Robert Andrianne 

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Introduction: Penile Prosthetic Implantation (PPI) is the method of choice for patients not responding to or contra indicated for conservative treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Complete satisfaction has not been expressed in all cases.
Aim: Using validated questionnaires, this study sought to assess the satisfaction of patients who underwent PPI and of their partners, along with potential determinants of satisfaction. It also assessed the benefits afforded by PPI on the subjects’ and their partners' sexual satisfaction, general mood, and quality of life.
Methods: This was a retrospective, single-center, open label study, including patients who had undergone PPI between 2009 and 2012 at our center. Main outcome measures: Patient/partner satisfaction with PPI was assessed using the EDITS scale. Patient and partner attitude towards PPI were evaluated using the API and AAPPI scales, respectively. Each subject’s satisfaction with PPI size was assessed with answer grades ranging from 1 to 5. Patient and partner personal, sexual, and relationship well-beings were evaluated using an answer scoring system.
Results: Study questionnaire responses were received from 96 patients who underwent PPI at our center, and from 56 partners. The mean EDITS scores of patients and partners were 82.78 (± 15.58) and 83.30 (± 15.41), respectively, suggesting high satisfaction. The mean attitude score towards PPI of patients and partners were 18.87 (± 8.42) and 14.45 (± 5.06), on the API and AAPI scales, respectively. EDITS scores significantly correlated with the patients' satisfaction with the implanted penis size, and patients' and partners' attitudes towards PPI, on the API and AAPIP scores, respectively. Conclusions: PPI exerts an excellent impact on patient and partner satisfaction, sex-life, and overall quality of life.


Penile prosthesis implantation; Patient satisfaction; Partner satisfaction; Erectile dysfunction


Andrianne R, Pairoux J-F, Debois C, Mormont C, Coppens L, Kempeneers P. Patient Satisfaction and Retrospective Evaluation of Benefits of Penile Prosthetic Implantation Surgery: The OEDIPUS Study. Ann Med Medical Res. 2018; 1: 1002.

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