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National Strategy for Malaria Elimination in Cape Verde in 2020 Horizon

Adilson José de Pina1,2*, António Lima Moreira2, Artur Jorge Correia3, Ullardina Domingos Furtado4, Ibrahima Seck5, Ousmane Faye6 and El Hadji Amadou Niang6,7

1Malaria Pre-Elimination Program, CCS-SIDA, Ministry of Health and Social Security, Cabo Verde
2Doctoral School of Life Sciences, Health and Environment (ED-SEV), Cheikh Anta Diop University, Senegal
3National Malaria Control Program and the National Directorate of Health, Ministry of Health and Social Security, Cabo Verde 4Department of Praia Health, Cabo Verde
5Institute of Health and Development, Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), Senegal
6Laboratory of Vector and Parasite Ecology, Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), Senegal
7Aix-Marseille University, IRD, AP-HM, MEPHI, IHU-Mediterranean Infection, France

*Correspondance to: Adilson José de Pina 

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Malaria continues to be a major public health problem in tropical and subtropical countries. Reduction in morbidity and mortality cases had been reported from 2010 to 2017 in the worldwide. The World Health Organization identified 21 countries with the potential to eliminate malaria by the year 2020, once is Cabo Verde. In the country malaria is instable, with sporadic seasonal transmission variable from year to year and related with the rainy season. From 2010-2016, most of the archipelago malaria cases were imported from African countries and indigenous cases was restricted to Boavista and Santiago islands, especially in Praia, capital city. The outbreak in 2017, with 423 indigenous cases put to the test the weaknesses of the country in the elimination process. Although the feebleness and challenges the country appears that the is one of the best candidates to achieve elimination in the 2020 horizons in the West Africa subregion. This paper presents the Malaria Elimination Strategy in Cape Verde in 2020 horizon, with the principal domains and interventions in the country.


Malaria elimination; Cabo Verde; Strategies


de Pina AJ, Moreira AL, Correia AJ, Furtado UD, Seck I, Faye O, et al. National Strategy for Malaria Elimination in Cape Verde in 2020 Horizon. Ann Malar Res. 2019; 1(1): 1002.

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