Ann Curr Diabetes Rep | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Visual Status of DM Patients and Some of Its Causal Parameters: A Case Study from Rajshahi Medical College Hospital

M. Mira Khatun1, Provash Kumar Karmokar1*, AFM Azim Anwar2 and Md. Anwarul Kader3

1Department of Statistics, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 2Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka, Bangladesh 3Rajshahi Medical University, Bangladesh

*Correspondance to: Provash Kumar Karmokar 

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Abstract The aim of the study is to investigate the visual status of the diabetic mellitus patients using authors’ surveyed data from Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh. As the causal parameters influencing visual status, suitable combinations of probable potential variates are designed and tested for independence. The association of visual status with regularity in ‘Visit to Doctor for Visual Status (VisitD)’, ‘Family History of Diabetes (DiaHF)’, ‘Diabetes Sufferings Time (DiaSuf)’, and ‘Body Mass Index (BMI)’ has been assured by the chi-square statistic. Further, the value of statistic of the logistic regression with binomial link confirms of having significant joint effect of the predictors to the model. The complexity of visual status effect is ascertained by odds of the logit model may reduce with the increasing BMI and having DiaHF. Although negative contribution of short time diabetes sufferings group is assessed in comparison with long time sufferings group for DiaSuf, positive contribution of groups ‘Visit regularly’, and ‘Visit when need’ have been found in comparison to ‘Don’t visit doctor’ of the parameter VisitD. As family history of diabetes is beyond our control, keeping BMI in the optimal level and maintaining regularity in visiting doctor together with proper management of diabetes, visual status may remain in good level that could be an important massage for the concerning patients and the related health sectors of the country.


Diabetes mellitus; Visual status; Ophthalmology; Categorical analysis; Chi-square test; Odds ratio; Body mass index


Khatun MM, Karmokar PK, Azim Anwar AFM, Kader MA. Visual Status of DM Patients and Some of Its Causal Parameters: A Case Study form Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. Ann Curr Diab Rep. 2020; 1(1): 1001. .

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