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Self-Reported Symptoms on Farmers Health and Commonly Used Pesticides Related to Exposure in Kura, Kano State, Nigeria

Morufu Olalekan Raimi*

Department of Community Medicine, Environmental Health Unit, Niger Delta University, Nigeria

*Correspondance to: Morufu Olalekan Raimi 

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information on the symptoms of human risk and pesticide self-poisoning accounts, which over the promise of aiding decision-making in a variety of areas, including the regulatory management of chemicals, product, environmental assessment and emergencies. Objective: The aim of the present study was to assess commonly used pesticides application and frequency of farmer’s self-reported symptoms in Kano State, Nigeria. Methods: A comprehensive questionnaire was established that focuses on sociodemographic characteristics, education and experience on the adverse health effects associated with the use of the pesticide, description of job practices and a list of used pesticides on the farms in the study area. Of the 400 copies of the administered questionnaires, 392 copies were retrieved and found useable, which represents 98% of the administered questionnaires. Results: A total of 89.5% of the farmers make use of pesticides; of the 351 farmers that made use of pesticides, 31.3% use Apron plus, 12.0% use Atrazine, 33.6% use [Cypermethrin] while 9.7%, 8.5%, 4.8%, 31.3% and 12.0% of the respondents use Sevin, Thiodan, Fusilade, Primextra and others respectively, of the farmers 46.2% had been using the pesticide for 1 years to 5 years, 48.1% had used it for 10 to 15, regularity of these symptoms reveals that the majority of the respondents experienced these symptoms on a regular basis (56.1% for headache, 53.8% for stomach cramps, 56.5% for muscles weakness, 56.8% for vomiting, 58.3% for dizziness, 40.7% for shortness of breath, 45.5% for blurred vision and 66.7% for eye irritation. Conclusion: It is therefore imperative to structured interventions to lessen health risks exposure, as well as training, labeling improvements, and measures to decrease the cost of barriers in the implementation of safety behaviors and promotion of administrative control measures. Likewise, the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies in emerging countries such as Nigeria should be encouraged and made possible by a wide variety of public initiatives and amendments need to be considered to tighten pesticides management.


Environmental media; Health risk concerns; Regulatory management; Biomonitoring


Raimi MO. Self-Reported Symptoms on Farmers Health and Commonly Used Pesticides Related to Exposure in Kura, Kano State, Nigeria. Ann Community Med Public Health. 2021; 1(1): 1002..

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