Ann Colorectal Cancer Res | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Expression of Oncogenes ELK1 and ELK3 in Cancer

Akhlaq Ahmad and Asif Hayat*

College of Chemistry, Fuzhou University, China

*Correspondance to: Asif Hayat 

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Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in a body, ELK1 and ELK3 is a member of the Ets-domain transcription factor family and the TCF (Ternary Complex Factor) subfamily. Proteins in this subfamily regulate transcription when recruited by SRF (Serum Response Factor) to bind to serum response elements. ELK1 and ELK3 transcription factors are known as oncogenes. Both transcription factors are proliferated in a different of type of cancer. Herein, we summarized the expression of transcription factor ELK1 and ELK3 in cancer cells.


ETS; ELK1; ELK3; Transcription factor; Cancer


Ahmad A, Hayat A. Expression of Oncogenes ELK1 and ELK3 in Cancer. Ann Colorectal Cancer Res. 2019; 1(1): 1001.

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