Ann Clin Surg | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Chyloperitoneum in the Cardiovascular Post Surgical Presentation of a Case

Corrales Arredondo D1, Naranjo Ugalde AM2, Ceruto Ortiz LA2*, Luis Pérez de Ordaz B4 and López Rodríguez P5

1Department of Pediatric Intensive and Emergency Medicine, William Soler Pediatric Cardiocenter, Cuba
2Department of Cardiology, William Soler Pediatric Cardio Center, Cuba
3Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, William Soler Pediatric Cardio center, Cuba
4Department of Pediatrics, William Soler Pediatric Cardio Center, Cuba
5Department of Surgery, Enrique Cabrera Cosío General Teaching Hospital, Cuba

*Correspondance to: Lais AngĂ©lica Ceruto Ortiz 

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Introduction: Chyloperitoneum is defined as the presence of lymph of thoracic or intestinal origin in the abdominal cavity. It is reported in frequently and is a rare manifestation of multiple diseases. Most of the cases are secondary and are associated with direct trauma to the peritoneal dialysis. Renal replacement therapy is necessary in up to 10% of children who undergo cardiac surgery with extra corporeal circulation, indicated in cases of water overload, acute renal dysfunction or ionic alterations. Objective: To report the case of a 15-day-old new born operated on for transposition of the Great Vessels, who presented as a post operative complication, discharge of chylous content through the Tenckhoff, after a peritoneal dialysis regimen due to acute renal failure and fluid overload. Results: Despite the therapeutic measures taken, the patient maintains centuries-old losses of lymph, which lead to nutritional and immunological deterioration with the consequent multiple organ dysfunction and death. Conclusion: The perpetuation of lymph losses in the postoperative period of cardiovascular surgery produces a nutritional and immunological deterioration of the patient, with a high risk of mortality due to sepsis.


Chyloperitoneum; Peritoneal dialysis; Acute renal dysfunction


Corrales Arredondo D, Naranjo Ugalde AM, Ceruto Ortiz LA, Luis Pérez de Ordaz B, López Rodríguez P. Chyloperitoneum in the Cardiovascular Post Surgical Presentation of a Case. Ann Clin Surg. 2021;2(2):1021.

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