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Biosimilar Drugs

Bothinah K Al-Qahtani1, Samaher AA1, Asma A Alsharif1, Asmaa M Alhamdi1, Samaher S Alkhedaidi1, Sara J Alghamdi1, Batool J Alghamdi1, Hanin A Badr1, Enshrah M Radwan1, Razan A Kalantan1, Rozan A Kalantan1, Raghad A Ghazzawi1, Zahrah E Barnawi1, Wajd W Aqeeli1, Somaya A Khammash1, Renad A Bahadi1, Layan N Alkhayat1, Majdah A Almaghrabi1, Aeshah A Mandili1, Ghada A Bukhari1, Maweyah M Alnejedy1, Shahad N Alsukhayri1, RaghadA Alahmadi1, Kholoud A Alharthi1, Abeer A Kalifih1, Raghad A Alraees1, Muneera M Alelyani1, Shahad M Alzahranim1 and Layla Borham1,2*

1Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
2Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

*Correspondance to: Layla Ezzt Borham 

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Biosimilars are reliable drugs that are similar to the authorized biological products for treatment of various diseases. They have been produced due to the shortage of biological drugs as a result of the great demand. This article reviews the literature on uses of biosimilar drugs in many different ways.


Biosimilars; Biologics; Inflammatory bowel Syndrome; Infliximab


Al-Qahtani BK, Samaher AA, Alsharif AA, Alhamdi AM, Alkhedaidi SS, Alghamdi1 SJ, et al. Biosimilar Drugs. Ann Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2018; 1(1): 1002.

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