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Incomplete Transposition of Femoral Artery and Vein Associated with a Rare Variation of the Large Saphenous Vein

Tata Touré1*, Babou Ba1, Abdoulaye Kanté1,2, Moumouna Koné1, Abdel-Latif Issa-Touré1, Fousseyni Guissé3, Drissa Traoré2, Tièman Coulibaly3, Nouhoun Ongoïba1,3 and Abdel Karim Koumaré3

1Department of Medicine, Laboratory of Anatomy, Mali
2Point-G Hospital Surgery B, Mali
3Department of Traumatology, CHU Gabriel Touré, Mali

*Correspondance to: Tata TourĂ© 

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We report a case of incomplete transposition of the artery and the femoral vein associated with large
saphenous vein splitting separated from its tributaries, which formed a common trunk before falling
directly into the femoral vein in a cadaver of sex. Male, about 32 years old, at the anatomy laboratory
of the Faculty of Medicine of Bamako. The femoral artery superficially crossed the saphenofemoral
junction before being placed within the femoral vein above the femoral trine vertex. The DFA had
a high origin and passed in front of the femoral vein. It gave birth to the inferior epigastric artery,
the medial circumflex artery of the thigh and two muscular arteries for the pectin and the adductor
longus. The proximal portion of the femoral vein was almost entirely obscured by the femoral artery
and DFA.
Conclusion: The anatomical variations of the femoral artery and vein, as well as the great saphenous
vein, are very frequent at the level of the femoral trine and can pose technical difficulties in the
practice of certain gestures in this region, from where the need for knowledge of these variations.


Transposition; Femoral artery; Femoral vein; Large saphenous vein; Anatomical variation


Touré T, Ba B, Kanté A, Koné M, Issa-Touré A-L, Guissé F, et al. Incomplete Transposition of Femorale Artery and Vein Associated with a Rare Variation of the Large Saphenous Vein. Ann Clin Anat. 2019;2(1):1008..

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