Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg | Volume 6, Issue 2 | Research Article | Open Access

Practice of ENT Ambulatory Surgery: A Secondary Referral Health Center Experience

Ngniee Tafo GN1*, Kone FI2, Ganaba A3, Samake D4, Maiga B1, Cisse N2, Doumbia K2, Timbo SK2 and Keita M2

1Department of ENT and Head and Neck, Municipality I Reference Health Center, Mali
2Department of ENT and Head and Neck, Gabriel Touré University Hospital, Mali
3Department of ENT and Head and Neck, Medical office “Planete sante”, Mali
4Department of ENT and Head and Neck, Municipality V Referral Health Center, Mali

*Correspondance to: Ngniee Tafo Ghislaine Neuilly 

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Introduction: Ambulatory surgery can be defined as a surgical procedure, performed in an operating room, on a patient who will return home the same day. For an ENT procedure to be performed on an outpatient basis, the patients or parents must agree to this option but also meet certain psychosocial-environmental criteria. Our objective was to study the epidemiological and therapeutic profile of patients. Who underwent outpatient surgery at the ENT department of the Reference Health Center of Bamako's Commune I. Methods: We conducted an observational, descriptive and retrospective study from October 2021 to October 2022. Results: This study allowed us to identify 52 surgical procedures performed during this period, only 35 patients had a complete file. They were aged from 6 to 55 years with a sex ratio M/F of 0.52. Tonsillectomy was the most performed surgical procedure (37.14%), followed by type I tympanoplasty. The most used anesthetic method was general anesthesia in 68.57% of the cases. The average length of hospitalization was 6.5 h ranging from 4 h to 8 h. No major accidents were noted during the surveillance related to the ambulatory aspect of the surgery. Patients were satisfied in 97.14% of cases. Conclusion: Well-conducted outpatient ENT surgery is a very good alternative in our second referral hospitals, especially during the COVID-19 period when the availability of beds and qualified personnel is often lacking. However, it would benefit from being well codified and supervised in our context.


Ambulatory surgery; ENT; Monitoring; Second line hospital


Ngniee Tafo GN, Kone FI, Ganaba A, Samake D, Maiga B, Cisse N, et al. Practice of ENT Ambulatory Surgery: A Secondary Referral Health Center Experience. Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2023; 6(2): 1230.

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