Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg | Volume 4, Issue 4 | Research Article | Open Access

Isolated Sphenoid Lesions

Ali AlMomen*, Manal Alali, Saud K Alkhaldi, Hussain Alsheef, Amirah Aldhurais, Balsam  Alawami, Salma Alhammad, Hussain Almulla, Zahra Almoumen, Kauthar Altawfiq and Zainab Ali

Department of ENT, King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia

*Correspondance to: Ali AlMomen 

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Background:Isolated Sphenoid Sinus Lesions (ISSL) are rare. They occur in 1% to 3% of all PNS lesions. Diagnosis is made by clinical evaluation, endoscopic examination and with imaging. Aim of this study to describe the different clinical presentations of isolated sphenoid lesions, the differential diagnosis, radiological findings and the endonasal endoscopic navigation assisted management.
Method: A retrospective study of the minimal invasive navigation-assisted endoscopic approach to different pathologies, affecting the sphenoid sinus at King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam (2009 to 2019).

Results: Out of 50 cases found, there were 12 cases of bacterial sphenoid sinusitis (24%), 4 cases of allergic fungal sinusitis (8%), 4 cases of fungal ball (8%), 2 cases of invasive fungal sinusitis (4%), 3 cases of pediatric (both allergic fungal and sphenoid sinusitis) (6%), 1 case of mucocele (2%), 1 case of mycopyocele (2%), 1 case of inverted papilloma (2%), 2 cases of Lymphoma (4%), 2 cases of SCC (4%), 1 case of adenoidcystic carcinoma (2%), 2 cases of metastatic carcinoma (4%), 2 cases of fibrous dysplasia (4%), 2 cases of osteoma (4%), 7 cases of CSF leak (14%), 1 case of meningocele (2%) and 3 case of asymptomatic (6%).

Conclusion:Isolated sphenoid sinus disease has a variable prognostic and pathological range yet has a common presentation.

Most commonly headache will be the presenting symptom and to confirm the diagnosis, CT is the imaging of choice.

Pathologically it varies, from bacterial sinusitis to a carcinoma invading the cavernous sinus.


Sphenoid sinus; Sinusitis; Isolated sphenoid lesions; Sphenoid sinus surgery


AlMomen A, Alali M, Alkhaldi SK, Alsheef H, Aldhurais A, Alawami B, et al. Isolated Sphenoid Lesions. Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2021; 4(4): 1134..

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