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Can Surgeons Use Parathyroid Hormone Levels as Predictive Value in Parathyroid Adenomas?

Merve Tokocin1, Talar Vartanoglu Aktokmakyan1*, Ahmet Guray Durmaz1, Onur Tokocin2, Huseyin Bilge3 and Erkan Yavuz1

1Department of General Surgery, Istanbul Bagcilar Training and Research Hospital, Turkey
2Department of Emergency, KagithaneState Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
3Department of General Surgery, Dicle University, Faculty of Medicine, Turkey

*Correspondance to: Talar Vartanoglu Aktokmakyan 

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Aim:Previous studies using different methods for PTH measurement have found a mild to moderate correlation between iPTH and gland weight. The aim of this study was to describe the relationship between  parathyroid  hormone  and  parathyroid  adenoma  volume,  in  patients  with  parathyroid adenomas as predictive value.

Material  and  Methods: The  multicenteric  study  was  prepared  by  retrospectively  collecting  data from 244 patients with parathyroid adenoma who underwent parathyroidectomy and followed up between 2010 and 2020.

Results:Two hundred forty and four (female/male = 203/41) patients with a mean age of 51.41 
[min-max: 17 to 88] years. The mean iPTH concentrations preoperatively were 584.27 ng/L [minmax: 18.9 to 5011ng/L]. The mean diameter of adenoma of patients was 2,865 mm3[min-max: 0.119 to 42.3 mm3]. After parathyroidectomy, PTH values were reevaluated and found as 47.2 ng/L [minmax: 0.2 to 903 ng/L]. In the patients with large parathyroid adenoma volume, preoperative PTH hormone values were statistically significantly higher (p=0.001).

Conclusion: Our  current  study  found  a  positive  association  between  baseline  i  PTH levels  and adenoma  weight.  These  results  suggest  that  serum  iPTH  level  may  be  useful  in  predicting parathyroid adenoma volume.


Parathyroid adenoma; Parathyroid hormone; Parathyroidectomy


Tokocin M, Aktokmakyan TV, Durmaz AG, Tokocin O, Bilge H, Yavuz E. Can Surgeons Use Parathyroid Hormone Levels as Predictive Value in Parathyroid Adenomas?. Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2021; 4(3): 1128..

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