Am J Med Public Health | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Research Article | Open Access

Greek Patients with Dementia: The Effect of Music Therapy and Its Role in Cognitive Rehabilitation

Kourkouli Eleni1, Bakalis Nick1*, Michalopoulos Eleni1, Tzenalis Anastasios1, Kiekkas Panagiotis1, Kotsela Georgia2, Drakopanagiotaki Aikaterini2 and Filiotis Nikolaos3

1Department of Nursing, University of Patras, Greece
2General Hospital of Korinthos, Korinthos, Greece
3Department of Medicine and Surgical Sciences, University of Magna Graecia, Catanzaro, Italy

*Correspondance to: Nick A Bakalis 

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Introduction: Dementia produces high health related costs as a result of increased needs for treatment, patient care and caregiver support. Music therapy provides opportunities for the recollection of memories and creates a positive mood during the cognitive rehabilitation process.
Aims: To investigate whether music therapy has positive outcomes for person living with dementia.
Methodology: Quasi-experimental design was used. The quasi-experimental group was divided into three subgroups and underwent the experimental intervention of listening to music. Data collection was conducted using a questionnaire. The total sample included 74 individuals suffering from mild to moderate dementia.
Results: Patients with dementia like music while it creates memories generating a statistically significant difference between the control and experimental groups. All three types of music inspired the participants to recall memories, with traditional music being the most dominant, followed by folk and classical music.
Conclusion: Music therapy is an effective intervention for dementia in combination with medication that can slow the progression of the disease and offer a better quality of life to these patients.


Eleni K, Nick B, Eleni M, Anastasios T, Panagiotis K, Georgia K, et al. Greek Patients with Dementia: The Effect of
Music Therapy and Its Role in Cognitive Rehabilitation. Am J Med Public Health. 2021;2(2):1018..

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