Am J Med Public Health | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Evaluation of knowledge of HIV Testing Services (HTS) among Traders at Selected Markets in Enugu State, Nigeria

Bennett Urama1 * and Omeke Uzochukwu Linda2

1 USAID Global Health Supply Chain-Procurement and Supply Management Project, Nigeria 2 St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Ibagwa Aka, Nigeria

*Correspondance to: Bennett Urama 

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Background: Enugu State has an estimated population of 4.4 million and HIV prevalence of 2.1%; higher than South East prevalence by 0.2% and the national HIV prevalence by 0.7%. The assessment aimed to determine the awareness of traders in Nkwo Ibagwa-Aka and Afor Unadu markets in Enugu State on availability of HIV testing services at health facilities in their localities. Methodology: Cross-sectional survey was carried out among 160 traders from the two markets. A semi-structured questionnaire was self-administered to randomly selected traders. 80 respondents completed the questionnaires from each market. Data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2019. Results: Respondents were majorly below the age of 40 years; 52% males and 48% females. Participants were on various educational levels and had different knowledge perspectives on importance of HIV testing. The participants had reasons for undertaking or putting off HIV testing. Among those that undertook HIV testing, there were reasons for disclosing or declining to disclose their status. Conclusion and Recommendations: General awareness of HIV testing and unwillingness to test is high and might be a rate-limiting step to attaining the first 90 of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals. The state government should intensify effort to improve uptake of HIV testing services.


Keywords: HIV testing services; South East geo-political zone; HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS


Urama B, Linda OU. Evaluation of knowledge of HIV Testing Services (HTS) among Traders at Selected Markets in Enugu State, Nigeria. Am J Med Public Health. 2020; 1(1): 1004..

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