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Rectal Carcinoma Metastasis to the Thyroid Gland - The Role of Radiotherapy: Case Report

Danijela Scepanovic*, Mojmir Masar, Pavol Bires, Marek Paluga and Margita Pobijakova

Department of Radiation Oncology, National Cancer Institute of Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia

*Correspondance to: Danijela Scepanovic 

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A very rare occurrence of thyroid metastases from rectal cancer is described in the literature.
Therefore, there are no therapeutic standards; however, surgery still has a major role in the treatment
of these patients. Radiotherapy has a controversial role and its significance is rather palliative. We
presented a male patient with metastatic rectal carcinoma to the thyroid gland who has been treated
with surgery and palliative radiotherapy in our institution.
Forty-nine months after rectal resection preceded by neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy, metastasis
of rectal cancer to the thyroid gland was diagnosed. The patient underwent thyroidectomy followed
by palliative radiotherapy. Unfortunately, 5 months after the end of radiotherapy, the residual
tumor progressed and compromised swallowing function. Therefore, percutaneous endoscopic
gastrostomy was placed. The patient died 10 months after the end of radiotherapy.
The role of radiotherapy in our patient had a short-term effect and a controversial role. Nevertheless,
we decided to show this case due to the rare occurrence of metastases to the thyroid gland from
rectal cancer. We recommend to think on their potential occurrence enabling early diagnosis and
more successful treatment.


Thyroid metastases; Rectal carcinoma; Radiotherapy


Scepanovic D, Masar M, Bires P,
Paluga M, Pobijakova M. Rectal
Carcinoma Metastasis to the Thyroid
Gland - The Role of Radiotherapy:
Case Report. Am J Head Neck Caner.
2020; 1(1): 1001..

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