Ann Gynecol Obstetr Res | Volume 2, Issue 1 | Case Study | Open Access

Giant Cellular Angiofibroma of the Vulva: Case Report

Ana Ribeiro*, Isabel Ferreira and Filomena Ramos

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Centro Hospitalar do Baixo Vouga, Portugal

*Correspondance to: Ana Ribeiro 

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Cellular Angiofibroma is a rare benign mesenchymal tumor without gender preference. It is usually a small (<3 cm), well-circumscribed, mostly asymptomatic and typically slow growing. Surgical removal of the mass with its capsule is the preferred treatment, not only helps guarantee complete excision and prevent its recurrence but also minimize blood loss. We present the case of a 76-yearold woman with a giant vulvar mass.




Ribeiro A, Ferreira I, Ramos F. Giant Cellular Angiofibroma of the Vulva: Case Report. Ann Gynecol Obstetr Res. 2019; 2(1): 1008.

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