Ann Complement Altern Med | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Conventional Treatment of Cancer Realities and Problems

Damyanov CA, Maslev IK, Pavlov VS, Avramov L

Medical Center of Integrative Medicine, Bulgaria

*Correspondance to: Christo Atanasov Damyanov 

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Statistical data exhibits the fact that cancer decease and the effectiveness of its treatment remain an unsolved problem which is becoming more and more extensive not only in medical but also in social and economic spheres globally. It becomes obvious that conventional medicine in treatment of cancer meets neither the contemporary requirements nor the patients’ expectations. Massive publicity campaign of the target therapy making efforts to substitute the system chemotherapy took place of late years. Huge investments in this new sphere were made in order to meet the high expectations. Clinical experience and medical expertise, on the contrary, do not demonstrate prolonged life expectancy more than a few months however; this takes place with valid side effects and at high cost of the target therapy treatment. Serious and deeper cost-effectiveness analysis leads to a conclusion that most of the agents applied in target therapy do not correspond to conventional range of cost effectiveness. Significant investments in molecular biology advancement and development of genetics make immense progress and widen the scope of human knowledge in tumor biology. Unfortunately, despite that science progress, oncology follows the beaten track satisfied with prolonged patients’ longevity only in terms of a few months and keeping an eye on the illusory effect of the treatment. The current scientific survey aims at summarizing known and less known facts illustrating the opportunities, problems and efficiency of the conventional treatment of cancer. The information presented herein the survey addressing not only professional oncology specialists is also available for a wide reading audience who are interested in current problems of conventional treatment of cancer. We hope the information presented will stimulate a future professional and social debate directed towards change in the contemporary treatment of cancer based on the idea of achieving real progress in solving of a significant medical and social problem


Damyanov CA, Maslev IK, Pavlov VS, Avramov L. Conventional Treatment of Cancer Realities and Problems. Ann Complement Altern Med. 2018; 1(1): 1002.

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