World J Vasc Surg | Volume 3, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

The Use of Regional Anesthesia for Vascular Surgery Known as Distal Revascularization with Interval Ligation Including Endoscopic Saphenous Vein Harvest

Sal G Intagliata*, Tyler R Mattingly, Juliet L Fernández and Gustavo G Angaramo

Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

*Correspondance to: Sal G Intagliata 

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The ability to perform regional anesthesia on surgeries; which routinely require general anesthesia; allows us to avoid endotracheal intubation, limit systemic medications and reduce hemodynamic changes  during  surgery.  The  vascular  procedure  known  as  Distal  Revascularization  and  Interval Ligation (DRIL) requiring an endoscopic saphenous vein harvest has been routinely done under general anesthesia. This case documents the use of regional anesthesia and moderate sedation in a  60  to  70  year  old  female  who  has  been  diagnosed  with  ischemic  steal  syndrome  after  a  recent arteriovenous  fistula  creation.  We  performed  a  Supraclavicular,  Femoral  and  Obturator  nerve block. This combination of blocks successfullyprovided most of the anesthetic management for the procedure, in addition to postoperative analgesia, without complications.




ntagliata SG, Mattingly TR, Fernández JL, Angaramo GG. The Use of Regional Anesthesia for Vascular Surgery Known as Distal Revascularization with Interval Ligation Including Endoscopic Saphenous Vein Harvest. World J Vasc Surg. 2020;3(1):1021..

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