World J Surg Surg Res | Volume 3, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Acute Pancreatitis and Its Impact in COVID-19 Pandemic - A Prospective Study

Sathik, Balraj, Deepan Karthick, Rajmohan and Jayalal JA*

Department of Surgery, Tirunelveli Medical College, India

*Correspondance to: Jayalal JA, 

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the novel SARS-COV-2 typically presents with
pulmonary symptoms and complications. However various extrapulmonary manifestations and
resultant complications are studied and reported. Extra-pulmonary symptomatology of COVID-19
has drawn significant attention. One among this in the Gastroenterology is Pancreatitis but it is
rare. However the general incidence of Pancreatitis have shown a upward trend in the pandemic
with increased amount of use of alcohol adulterated and spurious it is mandatory to check for all
cases presenting with signs and symptoms of acute pancreatitis with COVID testing and aggressive
conservative management.
Material and Methods: It is a prospective study enrolling all the first 50 patients presented with
symptoms of acute pancreatitis from April 2020 to July 2020 in the department of surgery Tirunelveli
Medical College Hospital. Cases were studied with reference to clinical/biochemical/radiological
signs of pancreatitis. Treatment was planned according to the severity of pancreatitis and presence
or absence of complications with either conservative or surgical methods. All patients were taken
RT-PCR swab testing to confirm the presence or absence of the SARS-COV-2 infections. Patients
were followed up for 1 month to look for recurrence or complications developing after discharge.
Results: 82% patients were male and 18% female. The highest incidence was noted in 30 to 50 years
age group (mean– 43.5 yrs, Median 44 yrs., and Standard deviation 11.342). More common among
unskilled workers. Alcohol was the most common cause (58% patients). Abdominal pain is the
most common mode of presentation (90%), and epigastric tenderness is most common sign (90%).
All the patients except one were managed conservatively. Three patients (6%) tested positive for
COVID-19 and they had conservative management. 30% cases had moderate, 12% had severe and
58% cases had mild pancreatitis.
Comorbidity was present with Hypertension in 32%, Diabetes 22% and 36% presented without any
comorbidity. Morality was 2% in our study.
Conclusion: The accurate diagnosis and aggressive management of acute pancreatitis in COVID-19
patients are mandatory to prevent the double blind impact on the target organs. All cases of acute
pancreatitis shall be evaluated for COVID-19 infection also to plan for treatment protocol and
surgeons should adhere to safety protocols. The possible association between COVID-19 and
pancreas at some point of time during its course should be kept in mind and diagnosis shall not
depend upon isolated raise of pancreatic enzyme.


Covid-19; Covid; Corona Virus; Coronavirus disease 2019


Sathik, Balraj, Deepan Karthick,Rajmohan, Jayalal JA. Acute Pancreatitis and Its Impact in COVID-19 Pandemic - A Prospective Study. World J Surg Surgical Res. 2020;3:1249.

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