Research Article

Use of Cytokine Mechanistic Approaches and MicroRNA Expression Analyses Methods to Develop Molecular Biomarkers for Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Probiotic Bacteria in Fermented Foods

Probiotics are live microorganisms that promote human health by counteracting the noxious toxic gut microflora in human intestine, by modulating of the tight junctions, and by increasing mucin production, enforcing intestinal epithelial cell barrier function, modifying microbial community within the gut intestinal disorders, and improving immune responses associated with chronic inflammation in experimental animal models, collectively enhancing human health.

Published 31 Dec, 2018

Research Article

Chip-Based 3D dPCR for Absolute Quantification of Colon Cancer Micronics

There is currently no validated micro(mi)RNA diagnostic stool test to screen for Colon Cancer (CC) on the market because of the complexity of fecal density, vulnerability of stool to daily changes, and the presence of three sources of miRNAs in stool (cell-free from fecal homogenates, exsosomal miRNAs from fecal exosomes, and fecal colonocytes).

Published 01 Nov, 2018

Research Article

Comparative Immunohistochemical Study of Expression of FGFR3, HER2, COX2 in Transitional Cell Carcinoma vs. the Adjacent Urothelial Precancerous Changes

Background: Urothelial Carcinoma (UC) develops through different pathways initiated by hyperplasia or CIS or chronic inflammation.

Published 28 Jul, 2018

Case Presentation

WAGRO Associated with Alteration Inborn Error of Metabolism: A Case Report

WAGRO (W - Wilms' tumor; A - aniridia; G - genital abnormalities; R - mental retardation; Oobesity) it is a genetic syndrome that is related to de novo deletion of the chromosomal region 11p14-11p12 and uncommonly to the family inheritance due to translocation involving the short arm of chromosome 11.

Published 30 Jan, 2018


Use of Melt Curves for Analysis of Nutrigenomic MicroRNA Human RT-q PCR Data

Several gene expression profiling methods at the RNA level have emerged during past years, and have been successfully applied to cancer research profiling by micro arrays.

Published 30 Jan, 2018


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