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Case Report

Hemolytic Anemia as Initial Presentation of Multiple Myeloma

Though AIHA is a common association with lymphoproliferative diseases its association with Myeloma appears to be very rare.

Published 30 Oct, 2018

Case Presentation

Solid Tumor Spontaneus Tumor Lysis Syndrome: Two Cases

Tumour lysis syndrome (TLS) is a life-threatening oncological emergency.

Published 26 Feb, 2018

Case Presentation

Importance of EIA Signal-To-Cut-Off (s/co) Ratio for HCV Donor Notification in Resource Poor Settings

Introduction: Screening of blood donors for HCV is vital for ensuring the safety of blood.

Published 24 Jan, 2018


EHL (Extended Half-Life) Products, What Are They Really Costing?

The advent of biotechnology has substantially advanced the field of hemophilia from the days when treatment options largely consisted of fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate.

Published 28 Jul, 2017

Research Article

The Pattern of Leukaemias among Adults in Jos, North Central Nigeria

Introduction: Leukaemias are haemopoietic malignancies classified into acute and chronic. Each of these two main groups is further divided into lymphoid or myeloid leukaemia depending on the cell of origin.

Published 27 May, 2017


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