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Demonstrative Study of Brain Anatomical Landmarks by Intraoperative Ultrasound Imaging

Objectives: Intraoperative use of ultrasound in brain surgery needs good understanding of the brain anatomy in ultrasound images.

Published 30 Apr, 2019

Research Article

Prognostic Value of Preoperative Blood Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Increasing evidence has suggested that the host inflammatory status is associated with prognosis of several solid tumors.

Published 20 Mar, 2019


Diagnosis of Primary Cutaneous Melanoma: Make More Good than Harm

Melanoma, the pigmented malignant tumor of the skin, although its treatment has shown tremendous improvement in the recent decades, still is a life-threatening disease, a serious burden on the society, not to mention the suffering for the patient and relatives.

Published 16 Aug, 2018

Research Article

Well-Differentiated Extremity and Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma: A Population based Outcomes Study

Introduction: Lipomatous neoplasms account for approximately 50% of soft tissue tumors with well-differentiated liposarcoma (WDL) being the most common histological subtype.

Published 17 Jan, 2018

Research Article

Flexible Nail Capable of Bone Cement Injection for Minimally Invasive Surgery of Metastatic Bone Cancer

Purpose: Surgical treatment for metastatic bone cancer is often performed using a minimally invasive technique considering the patient’s general health condition.

Published 20 Oct, 2017

Case Report

Palliative Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Giant Duodenal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: Report of a Case

Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) represent less than 1% of all cases of abdominal neoplasms. The stomach (60%) and small intestine (35%) are the most common sites, the duodenum being affected in less than 5% of cases.

Published 16 May, 2017


Nerve Hamartomas - Fact or Fiction?

Hamartoma, derived from the Greek hamartia meaning “failure”, is a benign malformation composed of local native tissues with disorganized growth.

Published 21 Dec, 2016

Surgical Technique

Central Pancreatectomy as a Paradigm of Parenchyma-Sparing Resection of the Pancreas

Traditional surgical resections of the pancreas are commonly represented by pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD), distal pancreatectomy (DP) with or without splenectomy and total pancreatectomy, depending on tumor’s location.

Published 01 Dec, 2016

Research Article

Current Management of Colorectal Cancer with Liver Metastasis

Colorectal cancer is a worldwide public health problem. More than 20% of patients with colorectal cancer present at an advanced stage, and the liver is the most common site of metastases.

Published 30 Nov, 2016

Case Report

Carcinosarcoma of the Choledochal Cyst

We report the case of a 19-year-old young man with choledoch carcinosarcoma secondary to anastomosis of choledochal cyst and jejunum.

Published 07 Nov, 2016


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