Editorial for Annals of Pharmacology Dr Souvika Basak

Souvik Basak*
Department of Pharmacology, Dr B C Roy College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences, India

*Corresponding author: Souvik Basak, Department of Pharmacology, Dr B C Roy College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences, India

Published: 29 Nov, 2017
Cite this article as: Basak S. Editorial for Annals of Pharmacology Dr Souvika Basak. Ann Pharmacol Pharm. 2017; 2(22): 1113.


It is a matter of delight that the journal production house is going to launch a new journal on Pharmacology. It is quite appreciable that in the current days of publication world, the production team has shown immense initiative for publication of another journal that is based up on the scientific demonstration and elucidation of Pharmacology. Basically, throughout the last several years or last few decades, universe has noticed several new diseases that are yet to be solved with respect to its diagnosis or therapeutic cure. Moreover, the etiology and epidemiology of diseases have been changed over the last few decades. Thus there is always a scope to investigate the disease regarding its origination, pathophysiology and therapeutic cure. I hope that this journal will bring in new dimensions regarding those investigations in concerned fields. Thus I think, the journal will welcome all relevant researches regarding origin, histopathology, biochemistry, molecular dissection and pathways for therapeutic cure of the diseases.
Although all the diseases of humankind should be the coverage the area of the journal, it would be interesting to see researchers addressing a few challenging problems pertaining to the current world. For example, antibiotic resistance, cancer, HIV and autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and myasthenia gravis may be the issues of particular attention. Solving the issues with modified or new drugs, peptides or gene therapy would be interesting; the journal might encourage the researchers to elucidate potential ways for solving those problems.
There have been several journal and publications regarding pharmacy or pharmacology; however there have been certain gaps in unifying the knowledge of all accrued results generated thereof. For example, bioactivity reports for several new molecules face an under-lighted revelation about the dosing of the drugs. A significant amount of promising bioactive molecules could not ultimately convert into marketed drugs because of exceedingly higher dose to human subjects, which in turn may to lead to potential adverse effects. Again, many pharmacological researches are framed on several molecular pathways which basically deal with the protein or enzyme. However, alteration of other metabolic pathways involving other proteins are often neglected which actually lead to the generation of side effects. This, I hope this journal will focus on special attention regarding this problem and its solution thereof.
The Journal Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics is an original high quality research journal in the field of pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics. In the inaugural issue, the journal has published interesting research and review articles relating to antibiotics, hallucinogens, diabetes and potential phytopharmaceuticals. The articles discovered some newer aspects of pharmacology, toxicology or traditional therapeutics which may lead to a path-finding for newer drug discoveries. Most interestingly some article shed light on how bio-based method involving microbes could be exploited for oil recovery from water-oil mixture collected from various oil wells. This kind of article will boost eco-friendly approach for treating such chemicals or chemical wastes and can be of huge benefit for relevant industries or Governments. Again, the journal went on publishing on newer articles on contemporary and interesting topics such as antimicrobial resistance especially from diarrhoea patients, discovery of newer molecules of medicinal interest which can make multiple drug targets, and most interestingly development of novel animal models on obsessive compulsive disorder. These kind of articles can particular lead to development of new paradigms in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.
Thus, I believe that, while a plethora of pharmaceutical journals have creeped in across the globe, this journal can choose relevant articles that can inject novelty and path-findings to the scientific community and thus can emerge as a new stray of light in pharmaceutical research with its own stand.